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There are so many ways in which LIFE seems to get in the way of your optimal


. If you think about it, what can be more important than your


? It’s what allows us to love, laugh, work, nurture, play and truly enjoy the miracle of just being alive.

And so often the things that are bandied about as ‘


’ are just so boring, or confusing.

We all want the good things in life, so CZAVite is here to help you do it your way, a way that suits you and creates daily happiness.
Don’t let life ‘happen’ to you – SEIZE THE DAY and make it yours, the fun and


Feeling Fantastic – Quick (FREE!) Fixes
We all have times during our day when someone ‘stupid’ has just made you feel really mad, bad or sad. Or your energy has just deserted your body without so much as a sick note, or you might just feel a little down and put upon. Try these quick‐fixes, they work.
Real Breathing
Real breathing? I hear you scoff, if I was doing fake breathing I wouldn’t be here, duh. Yes, breathing is the vital life force that wings oxygen to the blood and brain and gets rid of toxins as we breathe out carbon dioxide. But most of us practice short, shallow chest breathing. While this will keep you alive, it won’t let you harness the full power and energy of ‘real breathing’.

A couple of times a day concentrate on taking in five big, real breaths and see how you feel. Breathe in through your nose all the way down into your stomach, feel it extending your stomach. Breathe out again through your nose or mouth and feel your stomach deflate. Practice often, whenever you remember to, and transform your fear into energy.
Many of us generally have a fearful or hunched posture, which keeps our energy down and our bodies out of alignment.

Correct your posture immediately by imagining a string that goes out at the top of your head and is attached to the ceiling, pulling you upward. Do it now.
Can you feel an immediate difference? Your spine lengthens and your body seems to ‘fall’ into the right, aligned place. Being in alignment really brightens your mood, so check your posture as often as possible throughout the day, and feel the positive effects.
Get those feet onto the Earth
Spending some time in nature is really restorative and rejuvenating. Nature gives you peace, relaxation and a feeling of oneness that is so easy to forget about completely in our hectic, indoor lives. Getting the benefits of a bit of time in nature needn’t mean hiking in the mountains for a week, although it’s a damn good idea. For now, just book your hike, and then spend your lunchbreak sitting on the grass under a tree.
Take off your shoes and let your feet touch the earth at least once a day. Just five minutes of connection with the earth will have a re‐energising effect.

OK, now that you are strolling around barefoot in the park with your arrow‐straight back in perfect alignment and breathing all the way down to your stomach with deep, energising breaths, time to focus on a few other


tips and tricks……
Dem Bones, dem poor old bones….
Yup, the skeletal system that holds us up and gives us some structure.
Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become brittle and fragile. It can happen to anyone but most commonly affects the elderly and postmenopausal women, but men and women of all ages are at risk and even certain lifestyle choices can increase the risk.

Calcium Throughout your lifetime calcium is deposited and withdrawn from bones depending on the body’s needs. When the dietary calcium intake is too low, the body will withdraw the calcium it needs from the bones. Over time, if more calcium is taken out of the bones than put in, osteoporosis can develop.
To prevent or slow the progression of osteoporosis there are 3 main activities you, can start without delay:

  • Increase calcium intake.
  • Exercise, preferably weight‐bearing exercise.
  • If you smoke, stop it.

Click here to find out what the recommended daily calcium intake for your age is.

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Now, who is Homocysteine and why are we worried about him?

Homocysteine is a toxic, non‐protein amino acid produced naturally by the body when it digests protein, most specifically red meat. Elevated levels may lead to a host of nasty


problems, ranging from cardiovascular disease to the development of Alzheimer's disease, cancer, depression, aggressiveness and memory impairment.

Elevated Homocysteine levels can be caused by genetics, age, diet and


deficiencies, too much animal protein, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol and coffee. Yup, it’s the lifestyle thing again!


So what can we do about this imposter Homocysteine?

Homocysteine levels can be reduced safely and maintained effectively at normal levels simply by using the correct combination of nutrients,


and minerals, specifically B‐complex


(Folic acid,

Vitamin B 6


Vitamin B 12

) and the nutrient Betaine.

Click here to find out how to test homocysteine levels


Another Party‐Pooper – Cholesterol
Cholesterol is a soft, fat‐like, waxy substance that is found in your bloodstream, in all your body's cells and in many of the foods that you eat. Cholesterol actually plays some vitally important roles in the body, including the formation and maintenance of cell membranes and the production of some important hormones.

But too much cholesterol causes a build up in the body that can lead to serious cardiovascular problems. Too much LDL cholesterol can clog the arteries (known as atherosclerosis – the build up of plaques that can narrow or block blood vessels). If the coronary arteries of the heart become blocked, a heart attack can occur

Click here to read about cholesterol level guidelines

How can Cholesterol levels be lowered and effectively maintained?

To help lower and maintain


cholesterol levels one needs to eat a


diet, maintain an ideal body weight, exercise regularly, limit intake of alcohol, stop smoking and attempt to reduce stress levels. Yup, there it is again!

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and mineral supplement effective and lowering both homocystene and cholesterol levels. Now only R190 for 60 tablets.

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benefit all on its own!

Keep us posted, let us know if you have any queries about


, our products, things you would like discussed in the newsletter, or just tell us how damn good you are feeling after all the heavy breathing!

Until next time!

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