Healthy MUMS Equal Healthy BABIES


Ideally if you are following a well balanced nutritional diet, eating a broad range of foods from meat and dairy to veggies, grains and legumes your diet will provide you with the nutrients that are need both by yourself and that of your developing baby. If you are wondering what are legumes then this article is just for you.

Healthy MUMS Equal Healthy BABIES

Realistically speaking in our fast paced lifestyle nutrition often has to take a back seat to convenience, and for mums-to-be suffering in the throes of morning sickness, keep a well balanced diet during pregnancy becomes a even greater mission. Prenatal vitamin supplements act as, one could say, an insurance policy that guarantees you get your nutritional needs met during this time.

Some of you may be asking: what is in a vitamin supplement that you cannot get in food? Well FOLIC ACID for one. One of the most important things you can do to help prevent serious birth defects in your baby is to get enough folic acid every day. Taking a prenatal supplement ensures you receive the recommended 400mcg a day. IRON is another mineral that is important to pregnancy. During pregnancy you produce more blood therefore it is import to make sure that you are supplementing your body with the required amount to prevent your iron resources from being spread too thin and risking iron deficiencies. VITAMIN D, is essential for the future well being of your baby, as it promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus which are essential to the growth of strong healthy bones. During the third trimester it aid significantly in the developments of the brain, nervous system and other developing organs.


When choosing a pre natal supplement you need to ensure that it has sufficient amounts of certain nutrients such as Folic acid, Iron etc. what is equally important is that you receive adequate amounts of essential fatty acids like Omega fatty acids. Pregnancy supplements provide the exact structural fatty acids needed at this crucial time of your babies development. We all have a requirement or long-chain fatty acids, but a lot of research is showing that the particular fatty acids DHA and AA are needed as building blocks for the cells that make up the eye and brain during pregnancy. So it is vital that pregnant women have an adequate input from their diet. As the best dietary source of these fatty acids is oily fish, Mumomega is one such prenatal supplement that provides pharmaceutical-grade hi-DHA marine fish oil and organic Evening Primrose Oil in an exceptionally pure formulation that can be taken before, during and after pregnancy. The omega-3 and omega-6 oils used in this formulation are of are of exceptional purity, so you can take the supplement in the knowledge that you are only putting goodness into your system.

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