• With these trends in our recent lifestyle, more women do not get all the nutrition their bodies need. How much more of having another human being inside them?

  • How about the preparedness of the body to nurture the unborn baby inside of it?

  • It’s a smart idea to start taking Prenatal vitamins upon deriving a decision to have a baby. It’s a good preparation for the body and the upcoming baby.

In this busy and fast-paced lifestyle nowadays, instant foods get the right position in the market share among others in the food industry.Most people grab the one that has low-calories too. Others even choose the zero-calorie available in the store.

They also treat themselves with caffeine and sugar containing foods to keep them awake in the middle of their works. Unaware or else no time to investigate about it, instead of providing the body with the right nutrients, it receives the foods that will add more stress.

  • Folic acid is very important to all human being much more so during pregnancy. Taking it early before and during pregnancy helps a lot in preventing neuro tube defects of the developing embryos. The first trimester is the most important stage. It’s the period when major organs like the brain and heart are developed. It is when rapid cell division and growth occur.

There are foods that are good sources of folic acid. Given the kind of lifestyle we have, we don’t have the time to calculate the amount of folic acid we get from the foods. We are not sure if we get the right amount our bodies need. Every woman getting ready to get pregnant should take 400 micrograms (400 mcg or 0.4 mg) of folic acid daily. During pregnancy, the dosage should be increased to at least 600 mcg. Some doctors may even recommend 1000 mcg.

  • So, why take chances on your food intake not knowing of the right amount of folic acid you get?

  • Why settle for being unsure when you have the best available. Take action now and give yourself the best.

  • Baby will soon be glad you act smart!

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