Calcium is among the most talked about and commercially available nutrients around the world. It is added to many processed foods and beverages. It's even in our toothpaste. There are many Calcium products on the market and a sea of information concerning the need for dietary Calcium intake.

Why then, are there so many problems that are alleged to be associated with a Calcium deficiency? It’s more likely we are not getting enough of the right form of Calcium: the true element calcium is available in an assailable form.
Most of the so-called Calcium on the market is not elemental Calcium that is found in healthy plants and fresh, natural sources of water. Most Calcium products and Calcium-containing processed foods use a hard-to-digest Calcium compound.

Calcium compounds are identified by the term Calcium with another word immediately following it. These compounds can be difficult or nearly impossible for the body to breakdown for internal use. Among the worst are Calcium Carbonate and the recently popular Coral Calcium. Calcium Carbonate is used as chalk and for making concrete, and is more suitable for the caring of your lawn than healthcare. We are not supposed to eat rocks, metals, or coral.

Nutrients need to be in a size and form that can easily move in and out of our cells. Many popular mineral-compound supplements contain rock and metal powders in which any given particle can be thousands of times larger than a human cell, and difficult to breakdown to be of any significant use.

Calcium is best when it is acquired from mineral rich plants and natural water sources. Due to over-farming, excessive food processing, pollution, and other demineralization and environmental problems and conditions, it's difficult to be certain that adequate amounts of Calcium and other minerals can be obtained in the modern diet. Therefore, supplementation with elemental, ionic mineral supplmentation may be necessary.

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