The world today is in constant motion, there is always some where you need to be, something you need to do, deadlines to meet, important deals to close. . . and they all need to be done yesterday. Then there are the family obligations, bills to pay and household chores to be done. So it is a little wonder that stress levels are on the rise.
We all use the term but really what is stress? And more importantly how can we combat it?
Stress is broken up into to groupings, internal stress and external stress.

The type of stress that we most often refer to and have to deal with is what is known as external stress. External stress are elements like work, relationships, the environment around you etc. External stress is all the experiences, conflicts, challenges, difficulties and expectations you are faced with on a daily basis. Internal factors to stress are your health and fitness levels, the amount of rest and sleep your body gets and your emotional well being and nutrition. These internal factors have an effect on the way in which your body deals with stress. Modern day stress more persistent and insidious because it has become more psychological over time, while our bodies where designed to deal with physical stress.  What where originally beneficial reactions to stress has therefore now become detrimental. There are however ways for you to manage your stress levels, and in doing so reducing your risk of developing health problems like, high blood pressure, depression, headaches anxiety etc as well as reduce stress induced insomnia.

Exercise is the first step to breaking down stress hormones released,
As when we get stressed our body increases its adrenaline levels, sending us in to fight or flight mode, either of which would have encompassed a physical action and there by breaking down stress hormones. Unfortunately however most of our stress occurs on a psychological level and there is no need for any physical action. Consequently the exercise on a regular basis reduces the negative impact of stress on our body. There are also a variety of herbal based supplements that aid in relaxation, including any of the following products will greatly aid in relief from stress and tension. Chamomile is helpful as a digestive aid, as well as a sleeping aid. It helps with mild sleep disorders, nervous stomach, and calms the Central Nervous System.  Including supplements with these herbs will greatly aid in combating stress.

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