Ankle and foot clinic

There are an increasing number of specialist ankle and foot clinics. This is because the function of the ankle and foot is a very complex arrangement, with a large number of structures being involved, and a great many different things can go wrong with the ankle and foot ankle area.

Problems with the ankle and foot effect mobility but can also have more wide-ranging and often unexpected consequences.

To pump blood back from the foot, up the leg and to the heart, we need to have a normally functioning ankle and foot.

There is a very powerful vein pump within the foot itself, and ankle movement is essential for the calf venous pump. Inability to use these pumps can lead to venous circulation problems including deep vein thrombosis or skin damage and leg ulcers.

An incorrectly functioning ankle and foot can cause an imbalance when walking, putting additional stresses on one side or other. This can result in knee problems, hip problems or back problems.

Ankle and foot clinics are set up not only to look for anatomical abnormalities in the foot and ankle but also functional abnormalities to make sure that normal function and mobility is restored.

Ankle and foot clinics need a variety of specialists which may include any of the following: orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, podiatrists, chiropodists, physiotherapists, nurses.


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