Do you battle to SLEEP?
Herbal MaxiSleep™ is a sleep aid that assists the body to rest, relax and therefore rejuvenate. Available without a prescription from leading pharmacies.
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General information: 
The symptoms and causes of mild insomnia can be dealt with simply, and are often the cause of specific and known stressors. Sleep-related issues cover a vast area of medical expertise. It must be noted that this information does not constitute diagnosis, treatment or cure for any condition that requires professional or medical intervention. If sleep problems persist, or if you are uncertain, it is best to consult your doctor first.

Why is sleep so important?
Sleep depravation increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stress, and results in poor work performance. Getting the right amount of sleep helps you to think clearly, react quickly and perform at your optimum. Lack of sleep, eventually takes its toll. Both the quantity and quality of sleep are important for good health and well being. Get the rest you need for the sake of your health and those around you.
The reflexes of a sleep deprived person are significantly altered, along with the ability to act decisively being stifled. Lack of sleep affects hand-eye co-ordination, and can render the tired individual as incapable of driving, as someone under the influence of alcohol. Yet, driving "under the influence of sleep depravation" is not classified as a crime, nor do we place adequate importance on the matter. Sleep depravation must be taken seriously.

What is insomnia?
By definition, insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for long enough to enjoy rest.

Signs of insomnia?
•    Difficulty falling asleep and/or staying awake 
•    Tired during the day 
•    Irritable, grumpy 
•    Flighty or unsocial 
•    Difficulty concentrating 
•    Waking prematurely or throughout the night 
•    Mind wandering 
•    Simple tasks seem difficult 

What keeps me from sleep?
•    Stress, worry 
•    TV or computer in bedroom 
•    Poor eating and or drinking habits 
•    Taking medicines before bedtime 
•    Poor bedtime routine 
•    Noise, lighting, temperature 
•    Unfit, insufficient regular exercise, overweight 

How much sleep do you generally need?
Infants 16 -18 hours 
Babies & toddlers 12 - 14 hours
Pre-school children 10 - 12 hours
All school children 8 - 9 hours 
Adults 7 - 8 hours 

Q.How does MaxiSleep™ work? 
A.MaxiSleep™ is designed to assist the body to relax, acting as a mild herbal sedative thus aiding sleep. MaxiSleep™ contains patented Deampel (which we call the "happy herb") which assists with relaxing the body and thereby aiding sleep quality. MaxiSleep™ is designed to decrease REM sleep (light sleep) and give quality to NREM sleep (restful/ rejuvenating sleep).
Q. Will I be able to wake up in the morning?
A.Yes. MaxiSleep™ is designed to help you sleep through the night and wake refreshed. MaxiSleep™ is intended work as close to natural sleep as possible. You should wake refreshed, having had increased deep sleep (NREM Sleep).
Q. Will MaxiSleep™ cure my sleep problems?
A.No. MaxiSleep™ is not a cure, it's an aid, to assist you to sleep. MaxiSleep™ will help you to get a quality nights sleep, but it will not take your problems away. If you can identify the stressors causing your sleeplessness you may be able to find your answer. Once your body gets the sleep it needs it will be in a better position to naturally repair and restore itself. For persistent sleep problems, or if you are unsure, consult your doctor.
Q. How is MaxiSleep™ different from other sleep products? 
A.MaxiSleep™ is a herbal sleep aid that can be taken regularly without the fear of addiction or dependency. MaxiSleep™ will not leave you feeling drowsy and disoriented. You will not "pass out" or fall asleep suddenly and in an uncontrolled manner. MaxiSleep™ is designed to assist the body with sleep, and as mildly and naturally as possible. Your body will begin to feel relaxed and you will be able to enjoy hours of rejuvenating sleep and rest. 
Q. What is REM (Rapid Eye Movement)?
A.REM is sleep characterised by rapid irregular movement of the eye as it changes focus moving from one point to another. Dreams occur during REM sleep. The brain works in much the same way as when awake; this is light sleep when you are easily awakened, and the body temperature starts to drop. 
Q. What is NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement)?
A.NREM is the phase of sleep where the body is most relaxed, the blood pressure is low, and the heart rate and breathing are slower. This is deep sleep when the body restores and repairs itself; and constitutes approximately 80% of healthy sleep

What will help me sleep?
•    Coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco or medicines too close to bedtime; stimulants interfere with the body's natural sleep process. 
•    Exercise or winding yourself up after supper, too much excitement 
•    Arguments or heavy debate after supper ("Do not let the sun go down on your wrath") 
•    Thinking about problems before bedtime 

Instead, try:
•    Regular exercise, it will improve your quality of sleep 
•    Reducing alcohol, caffeine and tobacco consumption 
•    Place a glass of fresh water beside your bed for the morning (instead of the night coffee, etc.) 
•    Stop all exercise before supper 
•    Don't panic, the fact that your body was physically lying down means that you probably got more rest than you think. 
•    Before going to bed, jot down a quick to-do list (for tomorrow), plan the basics, this helps you feel more organised 
•    Create a relaxing and inviting environment (dark, quiet, fresh) 
•    Start winding down at least an hour or so before you intend to fall asleep 
•    Play tranquil music, relax in a hot bath, read a book 
•    Count your blessings: positive re-enforcement (recall what you can be grateful for) 
•    Doing something boring such as counting sheep or quiet reading may help induce sleep 
•    Plan to have a good nights sleep. 
•    Relaxing before going to sleep 
•    Do not go to bed angry, clearing the mind of negative thoughts and emotions. 
•    Picture something pleasant before going to sleep. 

MaxiSleep™ contains the US patented Deampel or "happy herb" assisting with the relaxation of the body, helping to set sleep in motion. Sleep deprived individuals may lack serotonin, the vital component necessary for our bodies to relax enough in order to sleep. Dreampel aids with moderating sleep patterns, and has been known to also assist jet lag sufferers. No serious side effects are known

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