Liverale 60s

Liverale is a product that has been scientifically developed to help care for your liver and to help ensure that this vitally important organ keeps working at peak efficiency.
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For colds, flu and respiratory tract infections.

Linctagon Spray
contains Pelargonium sidoides, with the additional advantage that it is easily administered in children. It is safe to use in diabetics and fits easily into a handbag or briefcase – convenient when travelling.

What does the product contain?

For some years already, Pelargonium extract has proven to be effective against infections of the airways and ear-nose-throat region. This herbal remedy originates from South Africa and was introduced to Europe in 1807 by C.H Stevens under the name “Umckaloabo” – a Zulu word meaning “severe cough”, and used specifically for tuberculosis.

Nowadays Pelargonium is used to for acute and chronic infections of the respiratory tract. Numerous studies have been conducted on the efficacy and safety of Pelargonium in the treatment of common colds, upper- & lower respiratory tract infections, tonsillitis and ear infections. Studies indicated that Pelargonium sidoides shortens the duration of the illness and reduces the severity of symptoms.

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